Course Curriculum


    2. Please Read- Excerpt from the Roll Model Method

    3. Warning- A few things...

    4. Do Not Roll These Areas

    5. Neck

    6. Upper Traps (good for neck and shoulder tension)

    7. Deltoids (shoulders)

    8. Upper Back

    9. Lower Back

    10. Triceps

    11. Forearms

    12. Hands

    13. Pecs at the Wall

    14. Deltoids, Lats, Rotator Cuff at the Wall

    15. Rhomboids (Middle Upper Back) and Lower Back at the Wall

    16. Sternum at the wall (so great for your shoulder mobility and t-spine rotation)

    17. Glutes

    18. Glutes 2

    19. Groin

    20. Hammie Time (aka- hamstrings)

    21. Facedown Quads

    22. Quad Kabob

    23. Glutes, IT Band, Quads at the Wall

    24. Calf Muscles

    25. Tibialis Anterior (shin area)

    26. Ankles

    27. Therapy Balls- Feet

    28. Twist at Wall (Amazing warm up move)

    29. Twist 2 at the Wall (another great warm up move)

    30. Shoulder Warm Up

    31. Ninja Lunges- Warm Up for Legs and Hips

    32. Restorative Yoga at the Wall

    33. Childs Pose with Lat Stretch

    34. One more thing...

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